Magic Whiteboard

Magic Whiteboard 3.3

Virtual whiteboard for kids


  • Easy to use
  • Connect 5 PCs to the same whiteboard


  • Limited erase functions and color palette
  • No templates for kids to color

If your kids are crayoning all over your furniture and walls then get them switched onto Magic Whiteboard where they can doodle away for hours without causing any damage to house and home.

Drawing is apparently one of the best way for kids to develop their ability to reason and coordinate along with playing with toys and other creative pursuits. Magic Whiteboard is exactly what you'd expect it to be - a whiteboard which kids can use over and over again to paint, draw and doodle with several different colours. However, this is no ordinary whiteboard because it is designed not only for individual use, but also for collective drawing in a home network with up to 5 computers. This makes it ideal for parents or teachers who want to help their kids draw.

In fact, the program allows a remote user to take the character of a cartoon character who helps them draw. This means you can sit in another room and see what your kid is drawing while you help them from a distance. Once the masterpiece is complete, you can output the image in BMP, JPEG, or GIF formats which is rather limited although it's doubtful that anyone who uses this would need any other particular format.

An unusual and innovative whiteboard that can be as much fun for parents as it is for their children.

Magic Whiteboard supports the following formats


User reviews about Magic Whiteboard

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    The colors would be hard for a kid to use, the pencil and eraser sizes are not intuitive, there is...   More